Markets and Fairs

Exploring the Vibrant Markets and Fairs of Tenerife: A Shopper’s and Explorer’s Guide

Tenerife, an island rich in culture and tradition, is home to a vibrant array of markets and fairs that provide a window into the local lifestyle. From bustling food markets to artisan craft fairs, these gatherings are a feast for the senses and a paradise for shoppers. This guide will lead you through the most exciting markets and fairs in Tenerife, ensuring you experience the authentic charm and vivacity of the island.

1. Mercado Nuestra Señora de África: The Heart of Santa Cruz

  • A Must-Visit: Located in the capital, Santa Cruz, this market is a hub of activity, offering everything from fresh produce to local crafts.
  • Experience Local Life: It’s not just a market; it’s a place to immerse yourself in the daily life and culture of Tenerife.

The Mercado Nuestra Señora de África, located in Santa Cruz, is more than just a marketplace; it’s the pulsating heart of the capital’s daily life. This bustling market offers an array of fresh produce, local crafts, and a vibrant slice of Tenerife’s culture. Strolling through its lively aisles provides an authentic immersion into the local life, making it an essential experience for anyone wanting to connect with the true spirit of Tenerife.

2. Los Cristianos Market: A Shopper’s Delight

  • Bargain and Variety: This popular market in Los Cristianos is known for its various stalls selling clothes, gifts, and souvenirs at bargain prices.
  • Vibrant Atmosphere: The bustling environment and lively vendors create an enjoyable shopping experience.

Renowned for its diverse offerings and bargain prices, the Los Cristianos Market is a paradise for shoppers. From stylish clothes to unique gifts and souvenirs, the market’s vibrant atmosphere, animated by lively vendors, makes shopping here enjoyable and memorable. It’s not just a place to buy things; it’s a place to experience the lively buzz of Tenerife.

3. La Laguna Farmer’s Market: Fresh and Local

  • Local Produce: This market in San Cristóbal de La Laguna is famous for its fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Authentic Flavors: Sample and purchase a variety of local specialties, including cheeses, wines, and honey.

The Farmer’s Market in San Cristóbal de La Laguna celebrates Tenerife’s agricultural bounty. Known for fresh, locally grown produce, this market is a haven for those seeking authentic flavors. Here, you can sample and buy local specialties like artisan cheeses, wines, and honey, making it a must-visit for food lovers and anyone interested in Tenerife’s culinary heritage.

4. El Médano Artisan Market: Discover Local Crafts

  • Artisan Finds: Situated in the coastal town of El Médano, this market is a treasure trove of handmade crafts and artworks.
  • Unique Souvenirs: Find one-of-a-kind items such as handcrafted jewelry, pottery, and textiles, perfect for taking a piece of Tenerife home with you.

Nestled in the coastal town of El Médano, this artisan market showcases creativity and craftsmanship. It’s a place where you can find unique souvenirs, from handcrafted jewelry to pottery and textiles, each piece telling a story of Tenerife’s artistic traditions. Visiting this market is not just shopping; discovering and taking home a part of Tenerife’s artistic soul.

5. The Medieval Fair of Adeje: Step Back in Time

  • Historical Experience: This annual fair in Adeje transforms the town into a medieval marketplace with period costumes and decorations.
  • Family Fun: Enjoy live performances, traditional games, and a variety of medieval-themed stalls.

Once a year, Adeje transforms into a bustling medieval marketplace with period costumes and decorations. The Medieval Fair offers family fun with live performances, traditional games, and stalls reminiscent of a bygone era. This fair is more than just a market; it’s a journey back in time and a festive celebration of history and culture.

6. Guachinches: Tenerife’s Unique Culinary Markets

  • Local Dining: Guachinches are makeshift eateries set up by local families in their homes or garages, offering homemade Canarian cuisine and wine.
  • Authentic Atmosphere: These spots provide a truly local dining experience, often accompanied by lively conversation and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Guachinches offer a unique dining experience, where local families invite you into their homes or garages to enjoy homemade Canarian cuisine and wine. These makeshift eateries are not just about food; they’re about experiencing Tenerife’s hospitality and culture in its most authentic form, often accompanied by friendly conversation and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

7. Garachico Artisan Market: A Cultural Gem

  • Cultural Hub: Garachico hosts a charming artisan market showcasing the works of local artists and craftsmen.
  • Explore History: The market is an opportunity to explore the historic town of Garachico, known for its rich heritage and stunning architecture.

In the historic town of Garachico, the artisan market is a cultural hub, showcasing the talents of local artists and craftsmen. This market is not just a place to shop; it’s an opportunity to dive into the town’s rich heritage and stunning architecture, making it a cultural and historical exploration.

8. Puerto de la Cruz Market: A Blend of Traditions

  • Diverse Offerings: This Puerto de la Cruz market combines traditional Canarian products and international goods.
  • Lively Environment: Situated in a bustling area, the market is a perfect spot to enjoy the lively atmosphere of Puerto de la Cruz.

The Puerto de la Cruz market is a melting pot of traditional Canarian products and international goods. Set in a lively area of the town, it offers a perfect opportunity to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Puerto de la Cruz, making shopping here a lively and diverse experience.

9. Tips for Market and Fair Visits

  • Bargaining: In some markets, bargains are acceptable, especially at stalls selling non-food items.
  • Early Visits: Arrive early for the best selection, especially at farmers’ markets.
  • Cash Transactions: Many vendors prefer cash, so having some on hand is a good idea.

When visiting markets and fairs, engaging in a bit of friendly bargaining can be part of the fun, especially at stalls selling non-food items. Arriving early ensures access to the best selection, particularly at farmers’ markets. Most vendors prefer cash transactions, so carrying cash is advisable for a seamless shopping experience. Navigating these markets with these tips in mind makes for a more enjoyable visit and helps you connect more deeply with the local commerce and culture.

10. Seasonal and Holiday Fairs

  • Christmas Markets: During the holiday season, several towns host festive markets where you can find seasonal decorations, gifts, and treats.
  • Special Events: Watch for seasonal fairs and festivals, often featuring unique goods and local specialties.

Tenerife’s seasonal and holiday fairs, such as the enchanting Christmas markets, offer a festive atmosphere where you can find everything from seasonal decorations to unique gifts and local treats. These annual special events often feature one-of-a-kind goods and showcase local specialties, providing a perfect opportunity to experience the island’s seasonal festivities and traditions. Visiting these fairs is more than just shopping; it’s about experiencing the joy and spirit of Tenerife’s seasonal celebrations.


The markets and fairs of Tenerife are not just places to shop; they are vibrant gatherings where you can connect with the island’s culture, people, and traditions. Each market and fair has its unique charm and offers a glimpse into the heart of Tenerife. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper, a food lover, or a curious traveler, the markets and fairs of Tenerife are sure to provide an enriching and enjoyable experience.

Remember, every market and fair visit is an adventure in itself. Explore, haggle, taste, and enjoy the rich tapestry of Tenerife’s local life. Happy exploring!