Are there any hidden gems or lesser-known attractions in Tenerife?

Discovering Tenerife’s Hidden Gems: Off the Beaten Path Attractions

Tenerife, the jewel of the Canary Islands, is renowned for its stunning beaches, majestic mountains, and vibrant cultural scenes. However, beyond these popular attractions lie hidden gems that glimpse the island’s more secluded and unique experiences. As a Tenerife travel expert, I’ll guide you to some of the island’s lesser-known but equally enchanting spots.

Taganana and Almáciga: Secluded Beaches and Traditional Charm

Nestled in the Anaga Mountains, the remote villages of Taganana and Almáciga are a world away from Tenerife’s bustling tourist centers. You’ll find pristine beaches like Playa de Benijo, offering spectacular sunsets and a tranquil escape. The villages are a delight, with traditional Canarian architecture and a laid-back lifestyle.

Barranco de Masca: A Hiker’s Hidden Paradise

While Masca Valley is relatively well-known, the trek through Barranco de Masca, the valley’s ravine, is a hidden treasure for hiking enthusiasts. This challenging trail offers breathtaking views of the rugged landscape and ends at a secluded beach, rewarding hikers with a sense of adventure and solitude.

Montaña Amarilla: A Geological Marvel

Montaña Amarilla, located in Costa del Silencio, is a remarkable geological formation with its yellow-hued mountain and crystal-clear waters. This natural monument is perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts and those seeking a quiet spot for contemplation and natural beauty.

Icod de los Vinos: A Town of Wines and Dragons

While known for the ancient Dragon Tree, Icod de Los Vinos has much more to offer. Wander through its charming streets, visit the local wineries to taste the unique Canarian wines, and explore the lesser-known San Marcos Church and Plaza de la Pila with its traditional Canarian architecture.

Vilaflor: The Highest Village in Spain

Vilaflor, nestled high in the mountains, is the highest village in Spain and a gateway to some of Tenerife’s most beautiful natural landscapes. The surrounding pine forests and hiking trails, like the path to Paisaje Lunar, offer tranquility and stunning scenery away from the crowds.


Tenerife’s hidden gems provide a unique perspective on the island, offering tranquility, beauty, and a sense of discovery. From secluded beaches to quaint mountain villages, these lesser-known attractions are perfect for travelers seeking to explore beyond the typical tourist path.

Travel Expert’s Tips

  • Prepare Accordingly: Some hidden gems require hiking or traveling on winding roads. Wear comfortable shoes and bring water.
  • Respect the Environment: These lesser-known spots are often unspoiled. Help keep them that way by leaving no trace of your visit.
  • Explore with an Open Mind: Be ready to experience the unexpected and enjoy the unique charm of these hidden gems.

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