El Muelle Beach (Playe del Muelle)

El Muelle Beach: A Historic Seaside Gem in Garachico, Tenerife

El Muelle Beach, nestled in the charming town of Garachico in Tenerife, offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance. This picturesque beach, set against Garachico’s historic fishing port backdrop, provides a tranquil escape with its calm waters and scenic setting.

A Beach Celebrated for Its Beauty and Calm Waters

The bay’s location within the fishing port ensures that visitors can enjoy a swim without the concern of strong waves, making it an ideal spot for families and those looking for a peaceful dip in the sea. The beach’s shingle and sand composition and compact size of 60 meters in length and 20 meters in width contribute to its cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Comprehensive Facilities for Comfort and Safety

El Muelle Beach is equipped with essential amenities to ensure a comfortable and safe visit:

  • Lifeguard services and a watch post for visitor safety
  • Dressing rooms and showers for convenience
  • Waste bins and a municipal cleaning service to keep the beach clean
  • Tourist information available to help visitors explore the area further

Explore the Historic Streets of Garachico

Visiting El Muelle Beach also offers the perfect opportunity to wander through the streets of Garachico. This town is steeped in history, with every step revealing more about its rich past and cultural heritage. The town comes alive during the Garachico celebrations, with the beach and streets adorned with colorful flags, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Useful Information for Visitors

  • Location: Garachico, Tenerife
  • Address: República de Venezuela, 29, 38460 Garachico
  • Dimensions: Length – 60 m (200 ft), Width – 20 m (65 ft)
  • Composition: Shingle and sand
  • Access: On foot (easy)
  • Disabled Access: Yes
  • Type: Urban
  • Parking: Available (50-100 spaces)
  • Public Transport: Inter-city bus service
  • GPS Coordinates: 28° 22′ 15.09” N 16° 46′ 4.87” W
  • UTM Coordinates: X: 326 747.49 Y: 3 139 555.92 H: 28

Map of El Muelle Beach

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In conclusion, El Muelle Beach is more than just a beach; it’s a gateway to experiencing the historical and cultural wealth of Garachico. Whether you’re seeking a serene beach day, a glimpse into Tenerife’s past, or simply a picturesque, relaxing setting, El Muelle Beach offers a memorable experience for all who visit.