El Bobo Beach (Playa del Bobo)

El Bobo Beach: A Hub of Activity and Relaxation in Southern Tenerife

El Bobo Beach, nestled in the bustling tourist area of southern Tenerife, stands out as a symbol of the region’s long-standing tourist tradition. Located in Adeje, this beach is a favorite for both relaxation seekers and adventure enthusiasts, offering a variety of experiences to cater to every visitor’s needs.

A Perfect Mix of Relaxation and Adventure

Whether you’re looking to unwind on a sun lounger or engage in thrilling water activities, El Bobo Beach has it all. Its location in a central point, only ten minutes’ walk from the bus station, makes it easily accessible for a day of sun, sea, and sand.

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Urban Beach with Comprehensive Amenities

As an urban beach, El Bobo Beach is equipped with all the amenities expected of a top tourist destination. The beach’s proximity to large hotel establishments ensures that visitors have access to a range of facilities, including:

  • Foot showers and showers for comfort
  • Waste bins and a municipal cleaning service for a clean environment
  • Public phones, bars, and restaurants offer a variety of dining options
  • Sun loungers and parasols available for hire

Vibrant Promenade with Ample Dining and Shopping Options

A stroll along the promenade of El Bobo Beach is a must-do. This area has various restaurants, bars, shops, and grocery stores. Whether looking for a place to relax, dine, or simply enjoy the lively atmosphere, the promenade offers something for everyone.

Playa del Bobo

Accessibility and Location Details

  • Location: Adeje, Tenerife
  • Address: El Bobo Beach, Urbanizacion Americas, 43, 38660 Costa Adeje
  • Dimensions: Length – 130 m (425 ft), Width – 50 m (165 ft)
  • Composition: Sand
  • Access: On foot (easy) or by car
  • Disabled Access: No
  • Type: Urban
  • Public Transport: Inter-city bus service, a twenty-minute walk from the station
  • GPS Coordinates: 28° 04′ 19,060” N 16° 43′ 58.60” W
  • UTM Coordinates: X: 329 711.36 Y: 3 106 386.01 H:28

Map of El Bobo Beach

In conclusion, El Bobo Beach in Adeje is a perfect destination for those seeking a dynamic beach experience in Tenerife. Its blend of urban convenience, various activities, and a lively promenade make it an essential visit for anyone exploring the vibrant southern coast of the island.