Bajamar Beach (Playa de Bajamar)

Bajamar Beach: A Coastal Retreat in La Laguna

Bajamar Beach, located in the picturesque municipality of La Laguna, Tenerife, is a coastal haven where calm waters meet the mighty waves of the Atlantic. This beach, known for its natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere, is a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

A Unique Experience of Serenity Amidst Waves

The beach’s most striking feature is the breakwater that protects its shores, creating a serene swimming experience even as powerful waves crash against the barriers. Floating peacefully in the calm waters of Bajamar Beach while watching the dramatic waves is an experience that is both thrilling and relaxing.


Popular Bathing Spot with Excellent Amenities

Bajamar Beach, along with its natural swimming pools, forms one of the most beloved bathing spots in La Laguna. Visitors to the beach will find all the amenities necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable day by the sea, including:

  • Toilets and showers for convenience
  • Waste bins and municipal cleaning services ensure a clean environment
  • Public phones, bars, and restaurants offering local and international cuisine
  • Boat hire and access to a yacht club for marine enthusiasts

Spectacular Pine Tides in September and October

An extraordinary time to visit Bajamar Beach is during the “Mareas del Pino” (Pine Tides) in September and October. During this period, the beach becomes a stage for nature’s grand spectacle as huge waves break powerfully against the coast, offering photographers a magnificent view and excellent opportunities.


Accessibility and Location Details

  • Location: San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife
  • Address: Bajamar Beach, El Sol, 63, 38250 Bajamar
  • Dimensions: Length – 200 m (655 ft), Width – 25 m (80 ft)
  • Composition: Shingle and sand
  • Access: On foot (easy) or by car
  • Disabled Access: No
  • Type: Urban
  • Parking: Available
  • Public Transport: Inter-city bus service
  • GPS Coordinates: 28° 33′ 20.91” N 16° 20′ 43.36” W
  • UTM Coordinates: X: 368 397.50 Y: 3 159 513.32 H:28

Map of Bajamar Beach

In summary, Bajamar Beach is a destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, recreational activities, and essential amenities. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful swim, a spectacular natural show, or simply a day of relaxation by the sea, Bajamar Beach in La Laguna is an unmissable stop on your Tenerife adventure.